Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Insanity is Coming!

Howdy Fitness Pushers!

Well today I have several things that I wanted to talk you about...but I think I am going to be smart about this, instead of just throwing everything that is on my mind right now, I'll only pick ONE...we have to focus on just one thing at a time right?

Well I supported Maria Charito Martinez of M&M Fitness at Futsol Republic to give the first Insanity Fit test in Hayward, CA!  it was awesome!   Insanity will be taught at this facility starting this upcoming Friday, July 19th! and now for DRUM ROLL I will also start teaching Insanity at  Dans's Di Ballo' Dance Studio! I will hold the Free Fit  Test on Tuesday July 23rd! at 8:30pm - right after my Zumba class.  

Insanity in this group fitness setting is FOR EVERYONE! unlike the DVD's there are modifications, and we do encourage people to do the they get stronger you will go all in! this is a major benefit of Insanity in a group fitness setting...other benefits, is the energy you get from the people around you! I've tried to do Insanity at home...ITS HARD, not just the program itself, but to get the mental toughness to put that DVD in and go all in, its not easy.  In the group fitness setting you get to class and you get into mindset right away because other people are there for the similar reasons as you are.  Their energy just feeds you, when you are workout, and you are are in the 2nd round of the warm up, you are thinking...WOW this is tough, and you look around you and your neighbor smiles at you and encourages you to keep going, when you High Five for a job well done! its AMAZING, you will feel empowered, like you can do anything!

I keep hearing "ooohhh Insanity, thats too hard" "I am scared" DON'T BE! this is the time to push past your limits! when we start our fitness journey, that is what its about! to accmplish  what we thought was not possible! Its time to get out of our comfort zone, for me thats Turbo Kick and Zumba, I already kick butt in those formats, its now time to conquer MY BEAST! and for me thats Insanity.   Remember your body will only change when you do the work! With that said, come and try the Free Insanity Fit Test!

For a litte motivation here is a video of the Insanity Master Class during the Certification! can you find me?


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