Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cravings, are they real?

Howdy fitness friends!

Last night I was reviewing My Fitness Pal food diary, and I had to log in my 2 pieces of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups...I didn't want to add them, but add them I must! If I want to keep it real with myself, then I had to.   As I did so,  I hanged my head in shame for a few seconds.   Especially when I saw that  those 210 extra calories, were extra, I went over 200 calories.  But you see at the time I just had to have chocolate.  

It got me thinking are cravings real or brain induced? after some thought I would say its 50/50.  Sometimes we are just bored, but ladies, you KNOW that there are certain times, when its not your brain trying to sabotage you, its hormonal, and unlike emotions which one can control, hormones are a totally different beast.  Although, Jillian Michaels and other nutritional experts tell me that you can control and balance your hormones with food, which...okay okay I do buy into, there are times when its just not an option to say no.  So that was me yesterday giving into my hormonal cravings.  
I don't mind saying I love chocolate and will give into it, HOWEVER, peanut butter cups??? really? especially since Reese's are just not my type of chocolate candy, way too sweet.  I prefer dark chocolate and not candy bar chocolate although if I must, my first choice is a midnight milky way.   So why Reese's? well that's what was available to me.  But today is another day, and no longer feel bad about my caving into my chocolate urges overall I am feeling much better plus its Zumba Day!!! Happy Feelings are back! 

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