Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Re-Establishing my Priorities

Howdy fitness friends!

These last 2 weeks have been a blast! I am fully embracing zumba! I've noticed that Zumba family, is very similar to Beachbody.   Both want people to get healthy and fully engaged with life!  Its just awesome that both worlds are exactly how I want to live my life!

I've been attending several zumba events.  Love the jam sessions, especially the master classes.  Last Saturday, I attended a master class.   I got to hang out with my zumba mentor, as well as the other instructors, and zumba participants, and it was just...well lack for a better word, nice.   However, I didn't get home until midnight.  I was freaked out about it.  Don't get me wrong, while I was out, I was totally engaged and having good clean healthy fun! I just wasn't sure how my husband, my very MEXICAN husband was going to react :) I've never done that before.  The only time I went off on my own was last summer for the Beachbody summit.  4 days! Man! Angel was not happy! there was some very tangible tension between us right before I left.   When I came back, I won't lie, I was super nervous! The summit was an invaluable experience to me, that helped me become a better coach, but I knew he didn't like it.  To my surprise, I was welcomed back with open arms! we had a very deep conversation.  He finally understood why it was important for me to go.   But you have to understand, we do EVERYTHING together. We go grocery shopping together, if he goes to Home Depot, he asks me to tag along.  I am sure my bold decision of going to summit came as a shock.  Now, I am engaging in another realm! I am entering the group fitness instructor world, where its important to attend events to be that instructor who is motivating and inspiring to her students. But I digress, as I was saying Angel was okay with me going to the master class. He was okay with me hanging out for dinner afterwards as well.  But still I had that guilty feeling that I was gone all afternoon and evening.  I got home, he was asleep, I gently shook him and told him I was here.  He kissed me, and turned back right to sleep! can you imagine my shock! I was extremely grateful for his understanding.  Next day he was fine! we took the kids to theater (which if you haven't already go watch the Avengers!), then spend a nice afternoon with Angel just one-on-one.

So this week I am thinking that I didn't like that guilty feeling I had on Saturday night.  If Angel was okay with it, and the next day I re-engaged not only with him, but with my kids, there is no reason to feel guilty! So I pulled my Push Book out and re-read the chapter of  Priorities!  and I recreated my priority statement.  I thought I would share!

My number one priority are my kids and husband. I will nurture and support them.  Along with my husband I will provide financially for them.  I will fortify my relationship with them by being fully engaged and an active participant of their daily lives.   I will foster self-confidence, decisiveness, and drive in my kids.  I will have date nights with my husband.  I will attend fitness events to help me find my Zen as well as learn from other instructors to improve my craft.  I will continuously be learning to becoming a leader, a motivator, and inspire others to be their personal best.  I will create a financial plan that will help me accomplish my goals. I Will actively build my beachbody business.

Below please comments and share your ideas as to how you balance your life :)

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