Thursday, May 31, 2012

Did not gain pounds while camping!

Howdy Friends!

I am super excited.  I weighed myself today.  To be honest I really thought I had gained weight this memorial weekend.  The family went camping...and man did we eat!  Especially on Saturday!  When we woke up that morning, we were surprised with snow!
It was a pretty cold morning! we made a fire, and even after the snow melted, it was still a pretty cold day.  So we stayed around the fire ring, and all we did all day was keep warm, eat, talk, eat, talk, eat, talk! So today I got on the scale I just KNEW I would be at 140lbs! nope! still at my 136lbs! I have that bad habit of assuming stuff, I really should stop ;) anyway I was happy.

But I can't stay comfortable, have to keep pushing myself! I am so close to my 135lb goal! you know what that means? zebra print workout capri! YAY!                                                                                                                                                            
                  Yep! I will be rocking some zebra print pretty soon ;)

This week, I have been thinking about overeating, thats what happened while I was camping.  I ate way too much food, not because I was really  hungry but because we were cold and needed to pass the time!  Then on Tuesday it was my son's 19th birthday and we took him out to one of his favorite restaurants.  We only eat this type of food 1x a year... on his birthday to be precise, as Angel is not a fan of Sushi or Chineese food.  This year, Will choose to go the Sushi Buffet in Hayward.  It was a bit pricey, and when we go to any Buffet style restaurants, I always hear my mom's voice: "You guys have to eat! you need to eat more than 1 plate to make this expense worthwhile" so I always ate way too much.  It happened again.  At the restaurant, I had my 1st plate.  Conservative, I didn't over pack my plate.  At the end I was satisfied! BUT that voice, which sounds so much like my mom's! Everytime she took us to the Hometown Buffet she would say: "EAT! I didn't spend this money just so you guys nibble food and don't eat"  SO I got up and got a 2nd plate...Boy! I really didn't need to! granted no real harm was done on the scale, but it was just unnecessary!   it wasn't necessarily healthy food, and it wasn't like my body was still hungry, so why? yep, is that little guilty voice...just bad habits that we need to break.   I thought I had broken this bad habit...sure it was just a slip and I am not hitting my head over it.  Its done, and I am moving on with my healthy path.  Just thought I would share, maybe you guys can identify with it.  How  many of us didn't hear this "Eat everything, do you know how many kids don't have food to eat? its a sin to throw out your food!" well guess what? we don't have to throw out our food! we just need to serve ourselves smaller portions ;)

What are some of the ways that have helped you not to overeat?  Post below your opinions :)                  

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