Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 6.6.16

Good morning!
Happy Monday! (Monday's are good!) Here is this week's schedule

Don't forget that on 6/25 we will have an Open House - free demos:

Thank you so much for supporting last Saturday event - Dance for Miguelito! The energy was very awesome.  

Well in my personal journey, I am struggling, and I think it's stress...just everyday stress, normally I can shake things off pretty easily, but it's a rough few months, and it's showing on they things I am eating ...sugar/bread I shouldn't and then stress hormones automatically make you gain weight.   This summer I am hoping I get a handle on my stressors and become "the easy going don't let me bother me" person that I am normally.  

My weight training struggled last 2 weeks as I was getting sick, but I really fought it off, but I did not lift, so I will continue where I left off today (tomorrow I have a crazy day today) and continue on lifting schedule.  

Everyday is a new beginning, and this is one of the reasons why I don't really get on the "oh no it's Monday train" there is something to be grateful my instance I have a job to come to! (we had a small reduction of staff 2 weeks ago) sure would I like to be at home...yes, but being at the office is good.  

I hope you all have a great week! you can also catch me today at Crunch! I will be subbing for George Rojas - 5:30pm Beachbody Workout (New!) then Chisel 6:00pm , the of course my Yoga Sculpt Class at 6:30pm and Zumba at 7:30pm! 

Blessings and see you soon!

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