Monday, April 27, 2015

Schedule this week and May 2015

Good Afternoon! hope you all had a great weekend! here is this week's schedule

I know you guys LOVE Zumba but give the other formats a try :) Do not let Insanity Live scare you! it's a great whole body workout where you are using your body as your strength training, the more you do Insanity the stronger you'll core will get!  

Turbo Kick is a cardio kickboxing inspired class, and it's choreographed, very fun!

Also next month we are doing some fun things, so I will start announcing since now :) Tuesday May 5, 2015 we are celebrating 5 de Mayo with a Mexican Fiesta playlist! it's going to start a bit early, at 7pm and it will be a 90min class! 

On Saturday  May 9th we are also having a 90min class to celebrate Mother's day! we are having 4 instructors :) Charito, Faye, Javier and myself! it will be at 9am to 11:00am we will also have refreshments and  some raffles and prizes. Drop in for this special class is $10. 

Also, I believe I never made the official annoucement, but all Sunday's classes are now Zumba.   

Also, Friday May 15th classes are cancelled, please make a note of that!

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