Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Eating plan!

Howdy Fitness Friends,

So in my Friday post I mentioned that I am breaking a plateau! inches are coming off! YAY! the other aspect is my eating.  To tell you the truth I am not 100% obsessed with my eating.  Reasons why:

1.  There are certain foods that I LOVE.
2.  I want to enjoy my life and my food
3.  Enjoying food with the family, well that is just plain ol' fun!

Okay, so with that said, what I am working on is eating food more in their natural state, the term clean eating comes to mind.   I've tried to avoid as much as possible the processed foods, and that is tough! I am reading the labels, and if it has more than 10 ingredients, I skip it.   Also I am person of habit.  I tend to eat the same things everyday.  A month ago I switched from having my shakeology as a snack to my breakfast.  I did that at the beginning, and then I decided to switch it as a snack...so what I did to break the plateau was switch it back for breakfast!  My typical day of eating looks like this:

6:30 - Shakeology - If chocolate: Water, shakeology, 1/2 a banana ice and PB if Tropical: Coconut Milk; 1/2 a banana, some frozen strawberries

10:00 - Yogurt with berries (chopped strawberries and blueberries) and flax seed, or instead of yogurt, plain oatmeal with the berries

12:30 - "MY BIG SALAD" which consists of 2 cups of mixed greens, celery, cherry tomato, mushrooms, broccoli, red bell pepper, cucumber, a hard boiled egg, and 2 or 3oz of grilled chicken breast, with about a tablespoon of balsamic vinaigrette --- if that fails I have a Turkey Sandwich on an orowheat thin bread, with hummus, if I have some I'll add some avocado, for my side, I do brocolli, red bell pepper sticks, celery sticks, and sometimes cucumber sticks (no dip, I don't need it) and then as my dessert I'll have an apple, sometimes a pear, sometimes an orange, depends on what I have at home.

4:00pm this varies, if I didn't have oatmeal, then I'll have plain oatmeal, or if I had the sandwich not the salad, I'll have some tuna with a hard boiled egg.   If I had oatmeal in the AM then I will have plain yogurt...or a handful of almonds and orange...I change it up :)

DINNER 9:00pm YIKES! I have dinner that late? normally yes, and funny enough I've found that it doesn't hinder my weightloss..however, my dinner portion is small.   Its almost always the same:

Mondays My healthy quesadilla;
Tuesday mushroom tacos (sautee mushroom with a bit of olive oil, add onions, tomatoes, fresh jalapenos) and then just filled the tortilla..its simple, but my favorite! I love mushrooms! now  I use corn tortillas for my tacos, and I only have 2  corn tortillas, if I find that I am still hungry I grab some romaine leafs and use that as a tortilla;
Wednesday: FISH! either tilapia or salmon..I am not a fan of Cod for some reason.
Thursday: Day off, brother in law cooks so its usually a surprise...however I have found a pattern between Tuna and homemade chicken soup :)
Friday I go out with Angel as a date night.  I always try to order food with no sauce or sauce on the side, and I always ask for a doggie bag, right away, so I only eat half.
Saturday's: Its lean Ground Turkey day, it can be made as homemade turkey burger, or picadillo, or some albondigas (turkey meat ball soup homemade)
Sunday's well thats the day we do something different, but we do it at home.

I also had this salad in my rotation ...I may have to bring it back!  It was a favorite of the kids :)

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