Monday, November 23, 2015

Thanksgiving Week!

Good morning! and Happy Monday! 

I wanted to take a brief moment to express my appreciation to you guys.  In my home Thanksgiving is a big deal, yes of course the big meal that is prepared, but it seems like through out November we are appreciating each other more.  My son Eric, after Halloween begins his day with "Mama, Happy Thanksgiving" I pick up him from school, and he greets me the same.  I wanted to extend that same appreciation from my home to our studio :) You guys have no idea how my heart swelled up with happiness last week when on Tuesday I walked in at Flor De Mexico and I saw all of you waiting for class to start, I was truly humbled and it was the best birthday gift! So thank you for coming and dancing and joining me in our paths to stay active and strong.  

This week's Schedule:

Tuesday - 7:50pm Zumba
Thursday - 8am Pre-Turkey Burn 60min Class
Saturday -  8am Zumba/Zumba Toning

Please note there is a slight change on Thursday, Charito won't be able to join us, so I will be leading a 60min on my own. If you are in town, come workout before you feast :)

See you tomorrow!!! 

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