Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Zumba Conference LA - 2014

Howdy Everyone!

Si this year on 1/30/14 to 2/2/14 was the Zumba Conference in LA.   For the longest time I debated (in my head) if I should bring it up to Angel and see if would make sense for me to go.  Coming back from our Mexico trip I thought to myself "what the heck, just talk to Angel about it, who knows maybe you could go!" and it turned out after we discussed it made sense for my business and for myself to grow into a better instructor! and it was more than I expected.  If there is a conference next year near me I am there!  So I'll just share with you my days :)

I turned into the Convention Center and there it was the Zumba Welcome Sign :)

I got registered! my Sessions were all good...hard to decide on a favorite but if you had to twist my arm I would have to say Mexican Fiesta and Dancing thru the Decades were my ultimate favorite!

I met Beto! and many wonderful Zes (Zumba® Education Specialist. A person who has been officially selected and licensed to host Zumba® Fitness trainings in the world.) and let me tell you all the Zes are pretty awesome!  the 3rd bottom from left is Zes Donna Giffen, she is my FAV! She is the one I identify with.  You can't tell from this picture but you should see the arms and calves on this girl!  and I guess I identify with her because of that...I am not (and really don't think I will ever) be considered THIN you know what I mean? Anyway I really like her style, however I wasn't in any of her training's I just happened to see her at Dinner and she was nice enough to take a picture and take the time to talk to us!    The other pictures are of wonderful zumba instructors that I know and ran into Conference! Pamela, Kathryn, Beto Gallardo and Cheryl Louie! 

  We also met a new friend who was with us when Roseann and I ran into Cheryl Hall! One of our favorite California Jammers who NOW is a Zes for the Zumba Step training that is rolling out this year! (stay tuned I will be getting trained in this format in March!) I ran into Eureka a student from Dan's who is now also an Instructor! (I am telling you Zumba is extremely contagious!) I also ran into Efren! another Sexy Zumba Jammer (who by the way will be having a jam session on Feb 22nd in Hayward so if you are a Zin make sure to sign up!) and the cutie on the left of me is ZJ from Italy Alessandro!

I felt like I didn't take that many pictures I was just trying to absorb everything and sometimes when I am picture taking mode I miss many things, but I think the pictures that I did take are all good :) I took  pictures with the Zes that were doing the Zumba Step Demo which I tried and let me tell you that it was pretty awesome! Here is a little preview! I know many don't understand it or how it will work with Zumba but once you actually workout with it you will get it, and legs will absolutely thank you for it! :)   OHHH and the Third photo in the bottom is with another of my favorite Zes Kass Martin! OMG! she is amazing! not just in her dancing but the way she presents and the energy she gives out! I took her session dancing through the decades...all her routines were simple which I am all over, but soo good and FUN!  I could see her ProSkills at work, she would be in instructor mode and then she would be in entertainer mode, and I was in AWE a real inspiration to me to become that great instructor that I am striving for :)

So that's a round up....I could go on and one but this post was long enough! :) so I'll see you soon in one of my classes!  

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