Friday, August 3, 2012

Fitness Update - Camp Do More plus More!

Hi Friends!

There is lots to report! first, I went to Anaheim for Camp Do More and it was...AWESOME! the experience really is different, and exciting.   It helped me get out there, and see the possibilities.   Camp is about fitness and personal development all wrapped up in a fun party and clean atmosphere.  I was part of the Denver Broncos, so my colors were blue and orange!the competition part of the team experience...I wasn't expecting it, and to be honest I can't believe I did it! it was nerve wracking as you can see from the video :) In my mind I kept picturing me falling of the stage! LOL and I WORE A TUTU! go figure!My Camp do More experience was awesome and I will (God willing) repeat again next year!

On another note, the last...6-8 weeks I've been wearing tanks and halter tops when working out, and I am just letting my arms hang out!  That is a major mental obstacle that I surpassed! In the past I would not imagine myself wearing a tank top and showing my arms.  I tended to wear long or mid-long sleeves on my tops, the more hidden my arms were better for me, because you know, they are fat.   They used to be a lot bigger..there still big and flabby, but not as they were before, AND I realized I am working hard.  Doing the workouts are not hard anymore.  I strive and crave them.  I normally have to stop myself from overdoing it, I LOVE the fitness part of my journey.  I actually love exercising now!  I am working hard, why not celebrate my body, and realize how far I've come! so despite not having the arms that I visualize YET, I am not hiding them anymore, I am celebrating my body, I am celebrating my arms, but that doesn't mean I will stop doing my Tank Top exercise routine ;)

Arms are "okay"
Arms do not look bad from this angle!

Arm NOT flattering, but guess what? thats who I am, I've come a long way, and I am celebrating my body!!

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